Projectors with gobos create a festive atmosphere during the Christmas season, spreading joy and creating an unforgettable atmosphere. Whether it's light patterns, motifs or greetings - they give the Christmas experience a special touch. 

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    By projecting eye-catching images, companies can draw the attention of customers and pique their interest.

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    Gobo projectors offer a flexible solution for designing the interior of the store.

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    Another advantage of gobo projectors in shopping malls and stores is their adaptability to seasonal or special events.

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    Advanced technology of Gobo projectors also enables high-quality projections with high resolution and color accuracy.

Gobo Projectors for Christmas

We Guarantee Quality. 2 Year Warranty.

The guarantee also applies to self-assembly. In the event of a warranty claim, we will rectify all defects immediately and free of charge.

Any questions? We have the answers.

  • What kind of signs can we make?

    We can project anything, even photos and full posters. Projection can be done in all shapes, sizes and colors. Mandatory signs according to DIN EN ISO 7010 and safety signs are the most common orders.

  • How is it connected?

    A gobo projector can be easily connected to a power outlet or directly into the circuit. It can be mounted on the ceiling or fixed to a power rail. The gobo projector can also be connected to a motion sensor Video or a traffic light Video. If the projector is installed in an inaccessible place, it can still be easily operated with the remote control.

  • What is the durability?

    The gobo projector is screwed to flat surfaces and additionally secured with a safety rope.

  • Can the projected image be changed?

    Yes, of course! It is very simple. You can find all the necessary information in the Gobo Projector manual. Or watch this video.

  • Can I change the spare parts myself?

    No, but you will never need to. We are confident in our products and guarantee the proper operation of the equipment for at least 2 years.

  • What height is required for installation of the projector / what distance is required between the projector and the projection surface?

    The size of the projection depends on the installation distance. With standard lenses, our projectors project a projection between 26-30cm at a distance of one meter. With special lenses, the size can also be reduced or increased. Watch this video.

  • How much does this solution cost and is there a discount for a bulk order?

    The cost of such a project depends on many parameters, such as what models are needed (how much light is in the room), how big the gobo projection should be, how many projectors are needed, etc. All projects are calculated individually. Ask our specialists for a free and non-binding consultation. And of course there are discounts for large orders or repeat orders.

  • How fast can we execute the order?

    Thanks to our own production and storage facilities, we can execute the order within as little as 2 days.

  • Who should install it? A professional or can I connect it myself?

    You will receive the projectors ready for use. You just need to mount the projectors in the designated place and connect them to power.

  • Can you come for testing?

    Yes, we perform on-site testing at our customers' facilities. Please contact our specialists to discuss the details.

  • Do you work by invoice?

    Yes, we request payment by invoice.

  • Do you provide a warranty?

    Yes, there is a 2-year warranty on all equipment and gobos.

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