12 Jul 2023

Benefits of Gobo Projectors

Benefits of Gobo Projectors

Always visible

Among all types of advertising, projection is one of the new options and affordable. The paint on the asphalt is from the last century, it is worn off or painted over, it is not visible under the snow. Projection has no such problems.

Can be used everywhere

You can project on the floor or walls, the color and texture of the wall and floor is not important. Asphalt, tiles, snow-covered sidewalk, wall, fence, plastic coating of any color - the projection can be used anywhere.

Various elements

For stores, beauty salons, cafes, restaurants and a variety of businesses, projectors can be used not only the logo, but also as navigation, for example, with an arrow image!

Control with remote control

You decide when to turn on the projection and when to turn it off, because our projectors are equipped with a remote control!

Easy mounting

Gobo projector does not require complex constructions, it is very light. Repairing it is not more difficult than repairing a lamp. And if you are afraid that it might be stolen, you can install it indoors and project it to the street through the glass window.

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