Industrial customers

Safe & Sustainable

Visible markers and signposts

Go for safety & sustainability

Ensure order in the company

Bring light to your employees

More security Safety First

GoboPro projectors provide industry with a high level of safety both inside and outside the halls of your production. Give visitors and employees clear instructions through visual support which routes are safe, where to stop or how to navigate to a certain point – visibly and sustainably.

Saving costs sustainably

Worn paint markings decorate the floors of all industrial halls and need to be renewed regularly to ensure a certain level of order and safety. Our gobo projectors, on the other hand, offer the best and same performance day after day without sacrificing safety. Should the projector fail, you benefit from our comprehensive warranty and easy repair – similar to a conventional lamp.

Visibility from any distance

A blurred or too small image will not guarantee you much security in industry. We advise you personally and are happy to visit you on site to ensure that you use exactly the gobo projector in your company that suits the application. This way we guarantee you perfect visibility – even from a great distance.

Straßenschild "Durchfahrt verboten", erstellt mit einem GoboPro X-60 Projektor im Lager des Unternehmens.

Experience of our customers

Seba Jon


Super processing and absolutely great devices with very qualitative hardware! Support was excellent and the advice as well! More projects will follow for sure!

Stefan Budrich


The projector is outside day and night in the northern German winter, the projection is bright – I must say, the whole thing exceeds our expectations. We can recommend GoboPro without hesitation.

Alexander Haak


The cooperation has worked well. We were also allowed to use a free trial period. I am happy to recommend it to others.

Any Questions? We have the answer.

The first step is to calculate the image to be projected: How large is the projected area and what color is the background? Not unimportant is also the number of colors that the projected image contains. Our gobo projectors project images between 26 cm and 33 cm in diameter per one meter distance. That is, at a distance of 4 meters, the projection is between 1 and 1.3 meters.

The rule:

Installation inside up to 3 meters distance, we need a 15-30 watt projector.

For outdoor at 4-20 meters distance we need a 30-100 watt projector.

All projectors and gobos (images) are guaranteed for 2 years from the date of delivery. If a warranty claim occurs through no fault of our own, we will take the projector back, and repair it at our expense. If the gobo projector is not repairable, you will receive a new unit. The same applies to the gobo.

If it is not a special order, it will be made at the latest 6 working days from receipt of payment.

Yes, you have 30 days from the date of delivery to return the gobo projector. We will refund you the full purchase price.

Yes, the gobos can be replaced at any time for any occasion. Depending on the model of the projector, it takes between one and five minutes.

With our GBP series gobo projectors from 40 watts, you can now install 1:1 projection.

1:1 projection:

Images with e.g. a diameter of 2 meters can be projected from a distance of 2 meters. This option is useful if there is no possibility to mount the projector at a greater distance.

Non-binding request

Each project is handled individually at GoboPro. Ask without obligation to get all the necessary information. We always find a suitable solution.

Unverbindliche Anfrage

Jedes Projekt wird bei GoboPro individuell behandelt. Fragen Sie unverbindlich an, um alle notwendigen Informationen zu erhalten. Wir finden immer eine passende Lösung.