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Light projections for your purpose

Do you not yet have any experience with GoboPro projectors and do not know how to use the advantages of light projections for your company?

Why do we rely on light? Quite simple!

Stand out from the crowd


Cheaper than traditional information carriers or advertising signs. Low energy consumption.


GoboPro can withstand temperatures between +50 and -40 degrees. Is not afraid of wind, rain, snow, dust, overheating and weather change.


Does not require special substructure when installing. Does not require special knowledge when installing. Does not damage the facade / interior walls.


With GoboPro you always get clear and large image thanks to very strong light radiation.


There are no analog products that meet such requirements.


Does not require special approvals.

We Guarantee Quality - 2 years warranty

Experiences of  our customers

Seba Jon


Super processing and absolutely great devices with very qualitative hardware! Support was excellent and the advice as well! More projects will follow for sure!

Stefan Budrich


The projector is outside day and night in the northern German winter, the projection is bright – I must say, the whole thing exceeds our expectations. We can recommend GoboPro without hesitation.

Alexander Haak


The cooperation has worked well. We were also allowed to use a free trial period. I am happy to recommend it to others.

Sustainable solutions for your company

Our X-Series

Price performance to the point

Our GBP-Series

The allrounder

Our MH-Alternative

Moving-Head goes different

About Gobos


We use glasses with high quality colored application to work in conditions of strong heating by powerful lamps. We guarantee the color saturation of the logo throughout the life of the projector.


Using high-precision equipment, our experienced specialists will create a layout with your image that will allow you to reproduce your idea down to the smallest detail.

Any colors

Taking into account the characteristics of light projection, we select the optimal color combination to draw attention to details. Not enough colors? We make a full color gobo in any color and complexity

No restrictions on dark areas

The standard projection shape is a circle. Sometimes a different shape is needed. Our production capabilities allow you to create a projection of any shape: Diamonds, stars, symbols, pictograms, etc. - all this is at your disposal.

The way to your  own gobo projection

It is important for us to offer our customers the solution that is best suited for their project. In a short conversation we look at where and how we can help you and show you which product is the best for you.
Individual offer
Based on the individual consultation, we create a unique offer that is adapted to your application. As a rule, the offer is developed in such a way that only your agreement is required. However, if you have further wishes, we will adapt it.
Start of production
The installation of our gobo projectors is very simple. You do not need any special knowledge or skills for installation. Likewise, no facades or interior walls are damaged. Upon request, we will personally visit you and help with the installation.
The installation of our gobo projectors is very simple. You do not need any special structures or knowledge for installation. Likewise, no facades or interior walls are damaged. Upon request, we will personally visit you and help with the installation.

Any Questions? We have the answer.

The first step is to calculate the image to be projected: How large is the projected area and what color is the background? Not unimportant is also the number of colors that the projected image contains. Our gobo projectors project images between 26 cm and 33 cm in diameter per one meter distance. That is, at a distance of 4 meters, the projection is between 1 and 1.3 meters.

The rule:

Installation inside up to 3 meters distance, we need a 15-30 watt projector.

For outdoor at 4-20 meters distance we need a 30-100 watt projector.

All projectors and gobos (images) are guaranteed for 2 years from the date of delivery. If a warranty claim occurs through no fault of our own, we will take the projector back, and repair it at our expense. If the gobo projector is not repairable, you will receive a new unit. The same applies to the gobo.

If it is not a special order, it will be made at the latest 6 working days from receipt of payment.

Yes, you have 30 days from the date of delivery to return the gobo projector. We will refund you the full purchase price.

Yes, the gobos can be replaced at any time for any occasion. Depending on the model of the projector, it takes between one and five minutes.

With our GBP series gobo projectors from 40 watts, you can now install 1:1 projection.

1:1 projection:

Images with e.g. a diameter of 2 meters can be projected from a distance of 2 meters. This option is useful if there is no possibility to mount the projector at a greater distance.

Gobo  guide

Advantages of Gobo Projectors

Always visible: Among all types of advertising, projection is one of the newest and most affordable. The paint on the asphalt is from the last century, it is worn off or painted over, it is not visible under the snow. Projection has no such problems.

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Non-binding request

Each project is handled individually at GoboPro. Ask without obligation to get all the necessary information. We always find a suitable solution.