Gobo projectors – light projections for advertising, announcements, congratulations and much more



Gobo projectors combine the elegance and lightness of projectors for targeted and effective communication of your message. With our projectors you will be seen, can stand out from the competition and generate attention. Light projections attract attention at any time of year, are more cost-effective than expensive light panels and are flexible in design.

The projectors from GoBoPro.de offer numerous advantages and impress with their technical sophistication and ease of use.

What are gobo projectors?

Gobo projectors are powerful light emitters that can project images onto all conceivable surfaces. Pre-determined images are lasered onto a glass and can then be inserted into our projector. The projector then projects the image onto a surface. Due to the intense brightness of our projectors, the weather resistance and the easy installation & commissioning, our projectors are clearly superior to conventional means of communication.

Who needs gobo projectors?

Gobo projectors are needed by all those who have something to say. Who want to make sure their message is heard. Who want to stand out and be remembered by passers-by, prospective customers and potential business partners. GoboPro’s light projectors have become an effective communication tool that works regardless of the weather or lighting conditions.

Use colourful and bright light on floors, on house walls or anywhere else to get your message across. The effect is completely independent of what your message is. With our powerful projectors, you can advertise, display warning symbols, announce congratulations or draw attention to discounts and promotions. Gobo projectors can be used in as many ways as they are flexible and have many advantages over conventional advertising posters.

What are the advantages of gobo projectors over other advertising methods?

Gobo projectors come with a number of advantages.

Firstly, they are relatively inexpensive compared to well-known advertising posters or billboards. You do not need an official registration for the projection of light on individual objects and you do not have to buy advertising space. This saves time, nerves and is good for the wallet. Especially for smaller businesses, gobo projectors can be a real highlight.

Secondly, our projectors are very powerful and provide such bright, even light that the image can be easily seen at night, in winter or in the rain. Even sunny daylight is no problem for our projectors.

Thirdly, our projectors can be used flexibly. Do you want to display the images only in the evening? Or only every two days during a certain period? That’s no problem thanks to the innovative remote control, with which our projectors can be controlled very easily and conveniently. So you don’t have to move to the projector every time.

Fourthly, our projectors are designed for sustainability and longevity. With other projectors, the small plate on which the image is lasered is often made of plastic or metal. Plastic has the very big disadvantage that it warps over time due to continuous irradiation and so the image has to be replaced after some time. This wastes resources and is unnecessarily expensive.

Metal discs have the major disadvantage that they can only image in black and white. This extremely limits the space of available images and thus provides very little flexibility in projection.

We only use glass in our projectors. This is heat-resistant, light-resistant and can still shine and glow exactly as on the first day, even after years of purchase. In addition, every single colour can be reproduced. Glass images are therefore superior to both plastic and metal images.

Examples of use for our projectors

Imagine you own a factory or a production hall and due to new regulations you are now required to put up new warning signs. However, you do not want to paint the valuable floor of your production hall. This is where our gobo projectors come in. Simply mounted, you can use light projections to shine the warning symbols onto the floor in a very simple and uncomplicated way. Bright, colourfast and sustainable, our projectors are the real alternative to posters or warning signs. You switch off the factory operation after some time? No problem, you can also switch off our projectors comfortably & conveniently by remote control.

For a second application example, imagine you are the owner of a jewellery shop in a mall, surrounded by other shops. You are looking for a way to stand out among all the other shops. Billboards and posters fail to make an impact because all the other shops also use posters. Your posters would simply get lost in the crowd. Our gobo projectors are also helpful here. Illuminate the floor in front of your shop with your logo or offers in colour and generate much more attention than would be conceivable with a simple poster. Our projectors also offer a great advertising opportunity.

Are you interested?

Then we would be pleased to receive your contact request. We deal with each enquiry individually, because the situations, the surfaces to be illuminated and the purposes for which they are to be used are usually very different. With our many years of expertise, we can offer you an offer tailored to your needs in a conversation or in writing by e-mail.

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